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Meet Savanna Trust: Transforming Communities Through the Arts


  • What is the role of citizens in ensuring good governance?
  • How do we respond to the human rights violations, particularly abductions and harassment of human rights defenders and citizens in our communities?
  • How do citizens speak to the abuse of state power and resources by politicians?

Savanna Trust’s flagship play “Liberation” is leaving an important footprint on citizen dialogue around issues relating to human rights, governance and democratic participation in Zimbabwe. These are just a few of the discussions happening post performances. The theatrical backdrop invites critical feedback from audience members on these national processes and perspectives on how they can play out in their local communities.

“The theatre is a spiritual and social x-ray of its time.”

Savanna Trust is an art for social change organization operating in 5 provinces of Zimbabwe. ST is harnessing arts and social creativity in the civic landscape and using theatre to advance political dialogue and engagement. The Liberation play is being performed across Zimbabwe and will also be available for online viewing. Savanna’s trained a network of community artists who use the performances to stimulate engaging dialogue on issues of human rights, democratic participation and governance.

Don’t miss Liberation in your city!

Calendar of Upcoming Performances
June 27 Charles Austin Theater
June 28 Mucheke Community
September Bulawayo

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