“Africa Investment Horizons” Film Focuses on Investment Prospects in Africa

January 24th, 2023

“Africa Investment Horizons”, a new documentary film funded in part by TrustAfrica, will have its première on April 29 at the New York Stock Exchange. The film shows the tremendous gains being made in Africa’s vibrant emerging markets and proves one surprising fact—that the highest rate of return on direct investment is found on the continent most people think of as an economic wasteland.

With the current U.S. economic downturn, investors are looking for new markets. This one-hour documentary, produced by Carol Pineau, director and producer of the award-winning documentary, “Africa Open for Business”, shows that Africa may be the next untapped investment destination.

“Africa Investment Horizons” presents compelling narratives from international and African business leaders on the tremendous potential of Africa’s emerging markets and how their investments have succeeded beyond expectations despite the challenging business climate. Stories range from the largest equity fund in Africa where the price of entry is $5-million, to a mutual fund in Ghana that has averaged 60% annual returns and requires a minimum investment of about $55.

Big investors have been investing in Africa for more than a decade, but most have kept quiet about the astonishing returns, preferring to keep the investing world’s final frontier to themselves—until now.

“Most people think of Africa as a region rife with wars, disease and poverty, but that is not the Africa of today,” said Pineau, a journalist with more than a decade experience reporting on Africa for CNN and other major media. “Today’s Africa is a continent with challenges, but it is a continent on the move and an attractive investment destination. More important, investment may be the best means for addressing Africa’s challenges.”

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