Briggs Bomba Accepted into the WELLBEING Project

January 9, 2019

Briggs BombaTrustAfrica is pleased to announce the acceptance of its staff member, Briggs Bomba into The WELLBEING project. This project is an initiative co-created with Ashoka, Easelen, Fetzer Institute, Impact Hub, Skoll Foundation and Synegros for civic leaders’ personal development.

The Project is co-created with leading social change institutions and is a community of many of the key global and regional social change leaders and organizations.

Mr. Bomba coordinates the Zimbabwe Alliancea funding collaborative that works to promote a vibrant civil society and a successful democratic transformation in Zimbabwe. Anchored by TrustAfrica, it identifies, engages and supports local initiatives through grant making, capacity building, networking and mobilizing international solidarity. Briggs Bomba is also leading the Illicit Financial flows Project.  

M. Bomba was recommended to the WELLBEING Project by Ory Okolloh, the Africa Director for Luminate.

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