Building local resources and shifting power: A regional exchange on community philanthropy’s potential in Africa

January 24th, 2023, by TrustAfrica.

Globally, there are increased constraints on external funding and even criminalization of CSOs work. To counter this narrative, an emerging discourse around “participatory philanthropy” is being championed and innovated by civil society activists. Making the shift from external to local resources is one part of this.

In Sub Saharan Africa, the field of organized philanthropy and efforts to developed it has been dominated by Anglophone influences and practices and there has been far less investment in building local philanthropy in Francophone Africa.

During this meeting, Global Fund for Community Foundations will bring together community philanthropy partners from East and Southern Africa along with a group of civil society leaders from Francophone West Africa to initiate regional narratives and conversations led and shaped by local actors.

In small group discussions, participants will explore experiences of group members in building a local resource base/ local cultures of giving, as well as some of the current context(s) which might make community philanthropy particularly relevant.  Olivia will support in coordinating exchanges and discussion within one of the small group discussion.

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