Community Immunity Initiative – Baaba Maal joins the campaign to protect our most marginalized in Africa – First LiveStream4Africa Hosted on Dash Radio

September 9, 2020

COVID-19 has reminded us that the fight against poverty and marginalization must be taken up with renewed vigour in Africa and globally. As a pan-African organization that seeks to strengthen African initiatives which address the most difficult challenges confronting the continent, TrustAfrica is working closely with the Southern Africa Trust and African Philanthropy Network  (APN) to provide much-needed support to marginalized communities through the Community Immunity Initiative. These three pan-African organizations are working in close synergy to leverage on the public appeal of well-known celebrities, including athletes, artistes and civil society actors, as a platform to reach the unreached and provide support to the most affected people in society. In this regard, the eminent international music star, Baaba Maal, was recently designated as the Voice of Marginalized People in Africa in view of his reputation and past experiences as a social crusader who uses his music to give voice to marginalized people/give voice to marginalized people.

Following his edesignation, which has been widely acclaimed as an expression of institutional support for marginalised communities, Baaba Maal has committed to organising a series of concerts to build awareness about issues which affect the poor and those who are often left behind.  On 5 August 2020, the series of live concerts commenced and was streamed to millions of people in collaboration with Dash Radio. This first concert also included key messages from eminent artists such as Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Berita.. 

As a pan-African initiative, Community Immunity is a worthy cause which seeks to extend the frontiers of social justice and inclusive development in Africa. In championing this important cause, TrustAfrica as well as the Southern Africa Trust and African Philanthropy Network (APN) are providing aexample of the collaboration and synergy that is needed to address issues which affect the vast majority of African people. These three organizations have elected to speak and act as one voice while approaching organizations, celebrities and policy makers to join the initiative and be part of this renewed commitment to find ways to support marginalized communities. Watch the first webinar with the three institutions explaining the Community Immunity Initiative here. 

The response in support of the initiative is growing. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have contributed intellectually, materially and financially towards advancing this initiative. We would also like to invite other well-meaning individuals, organisations, non-governmental entities as well as state actors to be a part of this important endeavour by making donations or providing other forms of support in the collective aspiration towards a better society.   or providing other forms of support in the collective aspiration towards a better society.   

This important fight is everybody’s business. Please join the cause!!! 

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