Consultancy to carry out a desk research on the Philanthropy Support Ecosystem Landscape in West Africa

January 6, 2022

TrustAfrica is a Pan-African Philanthropic Organization established in 2006 that seeks to strengthen initiatives that address the most difficult challenges confronting the continent. Our dream of a better Africa resonates with the continent’s vision and roadmap as expressed in the African Union’s Agenda 2063: The Africa We Want and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We currently focus on three critical areas: Democracy and Governance, Equitable Development and Economic Justice, and African Philanthropy. As a catalyst and convener, we are committed to generating and testing new ideas.


WINGS was established in 2000 as a global network to connect philanthropy organizations and support organizations worldwide. Its mission is rooted in its unique role as a catalyst for philanthropy to drive lasting social change. WINGS aims to ensure philanthropic actors worldwide have the knowledge, tools, and supportive environment required to create transformative change at an individual, local and global level.


TrustAfrica and WINGS are collaborating in a research and advocacy project aimed at strengthening the West African Philanthropy Support Ecosystem. The project is focused on engaging philanthropy networks, support organizations, funders, and other relevant stakeholders in a participatory mapping process to gain a better understanding of the local landscape of stakeholders and their relationships to each other, identify challenges and opportunities to strengthen the sector, and the roadmap to get there. The project team involves members of WINGS and TrustAfrica, and benefits from strategic guidance from a Steering Committee including representatives from several philanthropy support institutions working in the region.

WINGS and TrustAfrica are looking for a consultant to support the mapping process through desk research, data collection and interviews with key stakeholders.

About the West African Philanthropy Support Ecosystem Project

This project aims to engage philanthropy networks, support organizations, funders, and other relevant stakeholders from a set of West African Countries to identify the challenges and opportunities for developing a robust support ecosystem for giving and philanthropy in the region and to build a roadmap for self-owned and sustainable regional philanthropy development. It will seek to build relationships among actors who might not usually collaborate and raise the awareness of funders, especially domestic African foundations, on the need to invest resources in building a strong infrastructure. It is expected that through this process new collaborations and new initiatives will emerge in the region, that the amount of funding that goes to building the ecosystem will increase and that the investment will be more coordinated. It also aims to help build bridges between philanthropic actors and other development actors such as the government, multilateral organizations and INGOs interested in the sustainability of local civil society.

Building on a participatory process, the project has four specific objectives:

  • Reinforcing the philanthropy field by strengthening its support ecosystem, particularly in the countries where it seems to be less well developed, which is the case in most of the countries of Francophone West Africa.
  • Developing mechanisms for cooperation among philanthropists and philanthropy support organizations in the region.
  • Enhancing the presence and participation of West African philanthropy in the broader regional and continental philanthropy networks, forums, and initiatives.
  • Promoting an enabling environment for philanthropy in the region.

Scope of Activities

While the details of the activities will be determined through ongoing consultation process, key activities for the entire project, beyond these Terms of Reference, include:

  • Establishing an Advisory Committee to guide the project and connect it substantively with the existing infrastructure ecosystem.
  • Research and data compilation on the philanthropy landscape and networks in the region
  • Participatory mapping of the philanthropy support ecosystem in selected countries in West Africa, with support and input from key stakeholders
  • Establishing, stewarding and growing a community of Champions
  • Multi-stakeholder convenings to deliberate initial findings and inform a roadmap for strengthening the philanthropy ecosystem
  • Publication and dissemination of reports and policy briefs
  • Outreach and advocacy

Scope of work

TrustAfrica is seeking the services of a short-term consultant to engage in desk research, data compilation and interviews to produce a report on the local philanthropy support ecosystem in West Africa. This report will be leveraged in future activities related to this project.

The mapping methodology applied to this project will be inspired by WINGS’ participatory mapping methodology featured in its latest report “Acting Together to Lift Up Philanthropy” released in August 2021. The methodology was developed based on previous mapping exercises led by WINGS in Latin America and India and was designed with a strong participation of the WINGS members and experts. The mapping process will be led in close collaboration with TrustAfrica and WINGS staff. A one-day training session will be provided to the consultant to familiarize him/her with the methodology.

In particular, the consultant will:

  • Produce a synthesis of existing information on the philanthropy environment including actors, the legal environment (policies, feasibility, taxation…), resources,
  • Conduct surveys and interviews of existing philanthropy enablers in the selected countries
  • Produce a live social network analysis of the actors that support the field to better understand the local stakeholders, and the relationships they hold to each other
  • An online launch meeting will be organized in February to present and get feedback on the initiative, get stakeholders to know each other and start gathering relevant information and inputs.
  • We expect the consultant to attend the launch meeting and participate in the discussion.
  • The study and report will focus on 4 countries in West Africa (the consultant will be informed about the selected countries before starting) and include information on:
  • The latitude for a philanthropic actor to operate inside and outside the country
  • Domestic law and regulations governing the fiscal constraints of giving and receiving donations
  • Gaps and achievements related to tax incentives for monetary (cash, assets…) or in-kind contributions and reception in the country and to/from abroad
  • Public policies and practices, and whether or not they are favorable to philanthropy

The study will also look at the roles of the main regional institutions (intergovernmental, civil society, and private sector) and research institutions in the strengthening of the philanthropic support ecosystem in West Africa 

  • A virtual presentation of the mapping analysis during the online workshop highlighting main gaps, achievements, and recommendations.
  • The Report should be in English

Key deliverables

The following deliverables are expected:

  • An inception report specifying methodology and timelines of the assignment.
  • A first draft report for review and inputs
  • A final report including infographic representation of data and bibliography, and representing:
  • background material on an overall picture of the philanthropy landscape in the region and an initial look at the support organizations, policies and cultures enabling or inhibiting the development of the field.
  • a live social network analysis map showing existing philanthropy support ecosystem actors (networks, advisories, intermediary funds, etc..) and highlighting their connections and relationships.

Duration of consultancy

The consultancy will run for 4 months (February-June) renewable, under the supervision of TrustAfrica.


A sum of $3,000 is available for this consultancy and will be paid in two tranches.

Qualification of the consultant

The consultant for the assignment must demonstrate experience with the substantive issues being explored in the desk research; significant experience in conducting and completing qualitative research analysis, and overall competence in implementing the scope of work. 

Desired competencies include:

  • At least a master’s degree in Development/Statistic/ Strategic Planning Studies or, any equivalent post-graduate qualification. Familiarity with the literature on philanthropy in Africa or West Africa would be an advantage.
  • Proficiency in the use of relevant statistical tools for qualitative and quantitative data analysis and research methods
  • Excellent analytical and report writing skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to facilitate and work in a multidisciplinary team
  • Related experience in carrying out similar studies, especially in the development sector.
  • Excellent English language skills.

Submission of the expression of interest

Interested consultants are expected to submit an expression of interest (technical and financial) covering the following components:

  • Understanding of the Terms of Reference
  • Profile of the consultant
  • Description of the services/work to be performed
  • Delivery schedule
  • Proposed budget
  • CVs of key personnel(s)
  • Evidence of similar assignments
  • A sample of written work

Applications should be submitted to before the close of business on January 31th, 2022.

Please copy: and 

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