COVID-19 Africa Solidarity Fund

March 30, 2020

Dear Friend,

As the COVID-19 global pandemic rapidly spreads across the African continent, we worry, because in many African countries health systems remain weak, and incapable of meeting the demands this crisis will place on them. The COVID-19 pandemic will put immense pressure on under-resourced and under-equipped regions and communities, even as the effects of the worsening health crisis are felt by everyone. 

At TrustAfrica we have remained at the frontlines, promoting responsible citizenship in our communities, nations, and in the world. We are grounded in the belief that we are responsible for one another, and for what happens in our communities and our world. While we recognize the special responsibilities of those entrusted with the stewardship of national and global affairs, we are convinced that civic engagement is necessary to complement the efforts that governments and other key actors are making to make life better and the world safer.

Our Call to Action

In response, we have established the COVID-19 Africa Solidarity Fund, the proceeds from which will be used to support Emergency Response Units deployed in several countries across the African continent, to help curb the spread of this pandemic. We have established this Fund with an initial contribution, which has been earmarked to support the Emergency Response Unit in Senegal, where we have our operating base.

We invite you to partner with us by donating to this Fund. All levels of support are welcome, and can be properly acknowledged with a gift receipt for tax deduction purposes. If you would like to earmark your donation for a specific country and/or purpose, please let us know in the comments section of the giving form.

Please give now—we need your support.


Ebrima Sall
Executive Director


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