District 13 Women Raise Alarm Over Living Conditions

November 30, 2008

The Daily Observer
September 28, 2009

By:  Lennart Dodoo

MONROVIA — Women of Samukai Camp in District 13, outside Monrovia, have raised concerns about the poor living conditions in their district.

The women raised the concerns during an interactive forum organized by the United Muslim Women Advocacy and Empowerment Organization (UMWAEO), with funding from Trust Africa.

The forum, which brought together about 400 women in the district, including the district representative, Rep. Victoria Lynch, was intended to educate both Christian and Muslim women on their rights.

Speaking on the theme “Rights of Women,” the district representative admonished the women to always take an active role in any discussions carried out in their homes and the community at large.

She said until the women actively involve themselves in community issues, their needs would not easily be met.

She further admonished them not to relent in educating themselves, pointing out that, education holds the key to self-development.

After outlining some of the basic rights women are entitled to, she advised them not to shy away from reporting any form of domestic violence they suffer to the appropriate authorities.

“Until you, the women, let the men know that you are ready to stand tall, the men will always want to have dominion over you. You should look up to your President, Madam Sirleaf, as a role module who now governs the whole country,” she asserted.

Meanwhile the women raised alarm at the lack of a clinic in the district and the difficulties they face when there is an emergency. They also mentioned that the road leading into the Camp is in a very bad condition.

The youth chairperson, Hawa Kromah, also told the Daily Observer the roof of the district school leaks very badly, forcing teaches to sometimes combine three to four classes during heavy downpours. The students are sometimes sent home, she said.

Kromah further stated that the classrooms are often dark, making teaching and learning difficult.

This reporter observed that the only police depot in the district has been abandoned by the assigned officers.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director for UMWAEO, Marieta Williams, petitioned the women to form a women’s group with a leadership that will constantly speak on their behalf when the need arises.

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