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TrustAfrica is a Pan African foundation headquartered in Dakar, Senegal. We were founded with a commitment to strengthen African agency in addressing the continent’s most pressing challenges. We operate from a conviction that Africans must work together to set their own development priorities, informed by the aspirations of African citizens.

TrustAfrica’s programs have focused on strengthening democracy and democratic governance, promoting equitable development, and advancing African philanthropy. Our governance work has been anchored on a strong belief that for Africa to be stable and prosperous citizens must have a voice and actively participate in processes that shape the future of the continent. Our work in this field has included promoting democratic elections, supporting social movements and facilitating citizen participation, promoting transparency and accountability in governance, strengthening constitutionalism and the rule of law, upholding basic human rights and fighting against the culture of impunity.

Under our Equitable Development cluster, we have championed economic and social policies that lead to more inclusive and equitable economic development. This includes initiatives to promote small holder agriculture, with a particular focus on women small scale farmers. We have also supported initiatives to promote transparency, accountability and equity in natural resource governance, as well as domestic resource mobilization through fair taxation and curbing illicit financial flows. Furthermore, we have worked to mobilize African leaders around an agenda to transform the higher education sector in line with Africa’s needs, while promoting early learning innovations.

Through our African Philanthropy program, we have worked towards strengthening and broadening knowledge and understanding of the context, narratives, practice, and potential of African philanthropy to advance social justice in Africa. Our work has been anchored on the belief that by nurturing African philanthropy, the continent can reduce dependency on external resources and chart a more sustainable path to development. We view African philanthropy as part of agency that should be mobilized towards the realization of Africa’s transformation.

Our Theory of change

Our theory of change holds that responsible citizenship and accountable leadership will enable societies to become more stable, more prosperous, more equitable, and just. We believe that if we leverage African and global philanthropic resources to strengthen these two levers and connect issues and connect constituencies, we will catalyze a movement for Africa’s transformation.


African citizens living with dignity in a sovereign, just, integrated and prosperous Africa with strong and effective institutions.


We exist to promote responsible citizenship and accountable leadership in addressing Africa’s most pressing challenges.


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