Ogo Chukwudi, Project Associate

Ogo Chukwudi is a fun-loving music aficionado who joined TrustAfrica in 2018 as a Project Associate for the Kiisi Trust Fund Project, where she worked closely with key stakeholders to identify and fund initiatives that empower and bring sustainable development to Ogoniland. She is a development professional working on the African philanthropy work at TrustAfrica. She has spent the past seven years in the development sector, working with like-minded activists seeking to improve the world's complex social issues. Ogo is currently a Program Associate for the Equitable Development and African Philanthropy programs at TrustAfrica, where she works on initiatives that meet the needs of underserved communities through policies and programs that reduce disparities while fostering a healthy and vibrant society. 

Ogo's experience and outstanding contributions to the Kiisi Trust Fund made her a strong fit for the Karibu Foundation New Reality Grant (KNRG) to which she was nominated and selected to be part of the inaugural group to pilot the new Karibu foundation participatory grantmaking project. The KNRG core group comprises six African activists invited to co-create a new grantmaking Programme (KNRG). The Core Group will contribute to defining the criteria, reporting requirements, and the initiatives in Sub-Sahara Africa that will receive grants in the bounds of this project. More information about the activities of the KNRG core group and the progress so far can be found here. Ogo holds a master's degree in International Development from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom, and speaks 4 languages.

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