Ogo Chukwudi, Project Associate

Ogochukwu “Ogo” Chukwudi joined TrustAfrica in November 2018 as a Project Associate for the Kiisi Trust Fund. Ogo worked with Access Bank PLC in Lagos, Nigeria as a relationship officer and prior to joining TrustAfrica, she worked as a Research and Data Analyst for PIND Foundation. Ogo was part of the team that built the Niger Delta Development Map on the NDLink website which encourages partnerships in the Niger Delta. This online platform is currently one of the top online platforms in Nigeria. Ogo is very passionate about the development of the Niger Delta. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography and Planning from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and a Master of Arts in International Development from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom. She is also a proud member of Starting Now, which is a network of people who have committed to taking one step to change the world small at first perhaps, but consistent.

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