Challenging orthodoxies in economic thinking in Africa

TrustAfrica (TA) and the Institute for Economic Justice (IEJ) are pleased to announce a three-day convening on Challenging Orthodoxies in Economic Thinking in Africa: Exploring Alternatives. The convening, which is supported by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA)

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TrustAfrica and Wings, in Collaboration with other Partners Seek to Strengthen the West African Philanthropy Support Ecosystem

TrustAfrica and Wings, in Collaboration …

After a two-days workshop at Le Niambour Hotel, Dakar, TrustAfrica and WINGS, in partnership with ...

The 10th Pan African conference on IFFs and Taxation: Tax Justice Amid Multiple Crises. Lusaka,  Zambia 28-29 September 2022

The 10th Pan African conference on IFFs …

In this Picture:  Briggs Bomba, Programs Director, TrustAfrica; Charles Abugre, Executive Secretar...

Strengthening the West African Philanthropy Support Ecosystem

Strengthening the West African Philanthr…

VENUE: Dakar at Le Niambour Hotel DATE : 28 -29 September 2022  TrustAfrica, in collaboration wit...

2nd African Social Movements Baraza themed People Power: Reimagining the Future – Organising for Transformation from 12-14 October 2022 in Johannesburg, South Africa

2nd African Social Movements Baraza them…

  We are at a fundamental turning point in world history as the world grapples with the critical ...

TrustAfrica Seeks to Foster Genuine and Inclusive Sustainability in the Tea Value Chain in Africa Venue Blantyre, Malawi

TrustAfrica Seeks to Foster Genuine and …

Date: October 27th 2022  TrustAfrica, in partnership with Solidaridad, will convene a regional mu...

Symposium on “The AU@20: Progress, Problems and Prospects Towards Agenda 2063”

Symposium on “The AU@20: Progress, Probl…

Venue: Sheraton Hotel in Pretoria, South Africa   Date:  2-4 November 2022  The Institute for Pa...

TrustAfrica Holds a Dialogue for Farmers in Ivory Coast

TrustAfrica Holds a Dialogue for Farmers…

On Tuesday, 20 September 2022, TrustAfrica organized a dialogue on the issue of deforestation and ...

Call for applications for “Rights Experts” from Communities Discriminated on Work and Descent

Call for applications for “Rights Expert…

Global Forum on Communities Discriminated on Work and Descent (GFoD) is the global advocacy mechan...

Kilimanjaro Declaration 2022 condemns Slavery and Discrimination Based on Work and Descent (DWD)

Kilimanjaro Declaration 2022 condemns Sl…

Our Communications and Social Movements Officer, Abdarahmane Wone, under the chairmanship of Trust...

WEBINAR Covid-19 impacts and local response mechanisms in marginalized communities: The emerging gaps for policy and practice

WEBINAR Covid-19 impacts and local respo…

The rapid response of Africa to COVID-19 has been lauded as an effective campaign to combat the sp...

Research Feedback Workshop : Strengtheni…

TrustAfrica and WINGS, with the support of Philanthropy Circuit and in partnership with the African ...

3rd African Philanthropy Conference

3rd African Philanthropy Conference

The African Philanthropy Conference is an annual gathering of the continent’s leading philanthropi...

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