Nov 30 2008

Interview about 'Philanthrocapitalists'

Interview about ‘Philanthrocapitalists

Akwasi Aidoo, TrustAfrica’s executive director, is featured in this article about “philanthrocapitalists,” a new generation of funders who apply business and market principles to the nonprofit sector.

Alliance magazine
May 1, 2009

The generation of new funders known as ‘philanthrocapitalists’, including not just Bill Gates but others such as Jeff Skoll and Rohini Nilekani and Jamie Cooper-Hohn of the UK’s Children’s Investment Fund Foundation are very big players on the funding scene. How important are they? What are the upsides and potential downsides of working with them? Alliance talked to Christine Edwards, Akwasi Aidoo and Lyndall Stein, who will be panellists at a session asking ‘Can philanthrocapitalism save the world?’ at the 9th International Workshop on Resource Mobilization, to be held 25-28 June in Bangalore, India.

Click here to view the article on Alliance's website.

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