TrustAfrica Brown Logo

Please read these guidelines before using the TrustAfrica logo. Remember that the TrustAfrica logo must never be altered or distorted.

A minimum area within and surrounding the logo must be kept clear of any other typography, as well as graphic elements such as photographs, illustrations, thematic images and patterns, and the trim edge of a printed piece. More than the minimum clear space is encouraged if applications provide the opportunity.

Minimum clear space on all sides is equal to the height of the Acacia tree in the TrustAfrica logo, at any size.


Minimum Print Logo Size

An absolute minimum size has been established forthe logo to ensure legibility in print applications.
Minimum height of printed logo = 6 MM
Minimum width of printed logo = 35 MM

Minimum On-screen Logo Size
An absolute minimum size has been established for the logo to ensure legibility in on-screen applications.
Minimum height of screened logo = 27 pixels
Minimum width of screened logo = 170 pixels
Do Not...
  • alter or partially cover the logo.
  • alter the proportions, position or letter spacing.
  • stretch, condense, distort or sperate logo elements.
  • replace the logotype with another typeface.
Click here to download the TrustAfrica Brown Logo in (CMYK) View Corporate Identity.


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