Nov 15 2022

African Civil Society Support Initiative Grantee Announcement

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TrustAfrica is pleased to announce the 2022 awardees for the African Civil Society Support Initiative (ACSI). The call was issued as a response to the adverse impact of COVID-19 and the closing civic space in Africa on local institutions which are critical to national and regional policy change and implementation. Through core operational investment in African civil society organizations with feminist values, ACSI seeks to elevate women’s voices on health and development in Africa and to strengthen a multi sector supportive network of strong national and regional civil society organisations working on policy advocacy. ACSI invests in strengthening institutional effectiveness and its support is not project-specific.  The initial focus countries selected were Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Burkina Faso. TrustAfrica identified and is supporting seven (7) organizations as its initial cohort in the program. The 7 organizations shown below were selected through a rigorous application process and have been awarded grants in the range of 50000 to 100000 US$ over a 12-month period. In total TrustAfrica is disbursing $US657,509 in this cohort. We invite you to get to know our grantees.

Initiative Pananetugri pour le Bien-être de la Femme (IPBF)

Country: Burkina Faso

IPBF is a lead feminist organization in West Africa. We are a group of young women, girls and men wishing to contribute to woman’s self-fulfillment and development. Our mission is to promote inclusive feminism and increase the resilience of girls and young women for their overall well-being. IPBF focuses its interventions on the development of women leadership and empowerment, especially among young girls and women. Please visit our website for more information: https://www.ongipbf.org

How will this grant help the organization?

“The support from TrustAfrica will help IPBF increase its technical capacities, expand its team, but also train in several areas such as monitoring, evaluation and capitalization, advocacy, tool design, implementation of innovative, intersectional and inclusive strategies capable of federating all layers, mainly vulnerable layers of girls and women. This grant will also provide the Feminist Collective of Burkina Faso with a communication and advocacy plan and ensure its effective operation. The aim is to enable IPBF to mobilize more financial resources for advancing women's rights”.


Association Songui Manégré Aide au Développement Endogène (ASMADE)

Country: Burkina Faso

ASMADE intervenes in the 13 regions of Burkina Faso by working for the promotion of social rights and the well-being of grassroots communities. ASMADE has been accredited as a national development NGO since 2006 and recognized as a public utility in Burkina Faso in 2015 by the Government. Our mission is to support individual and collective initiatives for endogenous and sustainable development. We intervene in different areas including food security and climate, women empowerment, WASH, among others. More info visit: www.ongasmade.org

How will this grant help the organization?

“This grant will support ASMADE in different areas: retain a dedicated team;  conduct technical training for the staff;  conduct participatory public policies reflection on women's social and economic rights with a view to building common strategies; capitalization and mapping of actors. These activities will contribute to: improve our knowledge and practices in public policy analysis and the development of policy notes, increase ASMADE’s capacity in networking and conducting dialogue with different actors in order to build and strengthen strategic alliances, and generate knowledge on advocacy in the field of protection and promotion of women's human rights. Ultimately, it is its leadership, its strategic positioning in the field of the promotion of social and economic rights and its long-term commitment to advocacy that will be strengthened by this support from TrustAfrica”.


Collaborative Centre for Gender and Development (CCGD)

Country: Kenya

CCGD is a policy advocacy Civil Society Organization, registered as an NGO in Kenya in1996. It has over 26 years of evidence-based gender equality focused policy advocacy. Its mission is to advance gender-responsive transformation of society and non-discrimination. CCGD applies the following among other policy strategies: building multisectoral partnerships: supporting public private dialogue and coalitions as well as hosting advocacy platforms and piloting policy solutions to make a case for viability and upscaling. For more information visit: https://ccgdcentre.org/

How will this grant help the organization?

“This grant will enable Collaborative Centre for Gender and Development (CCGD) upgrade its staff establishment and capacity support to its strategic partners in a manner that sustain policy advocacy through CSO coalitions, multisector/agency working groups and activist citizen engagement targeting key government ministries, departments and agencies to ensure they deliver on gender equality and non- discrimination goals”.  


Women 4 Cancer Early Detection and Treatment

Country: Kenya

Women for Cancer was founded by 4 women who came together driven by a passion to eliminate cervical cancer in Kenya. 3 of the women had a personal, life-changing story of being affected by cancer and therefore saw the need to do something in the form of starting an initiative towards responding to cancer. They saw the needless death and suffering that cancer has caused yet some can be prevented especially for the reproductive cancers which can be detected early. In 2012, Women for Cancer was registered and has since developed a culture of effectively utilizing all available resources to reach out to women from diverse backgrounds with cervical cancer prevention and control through HPV vaccination advocacy, early diagnosis, and treatment. For more information visit http://www.women4cancer.org/)

How will this grant help the organization?

“This grant awarded to Women 4 Cancer will help in strengthening the capacity of the organization to advance women’s rights and gender equality regarding cervical cancer. This will be achieved through

1.     Empowering staff with fundraising and resource mobilization skills through which the team will expand the organization’s portfolio increasing the number of women and girls reached with Cervical cancer prevention and control services.

2.     Strengthening the organization’s governance structures

3.     Strengthening advocacy efforts for a budget line on cervical cancer in the Counties thus expanding access to cervical cancer prevention and control.

4.     Assist in breaking community gender barriers to community-led approaches to the prevention and control of cervical cancer”


Nigerian Association of Women in Agriculture (NAWIA)

Country: Nigeria

Nigerian Association of Women in Agriculture (NAWIA) is a non-governmental, non-religious and non-profit, women-led organization working with rural small holder farmers especially women to strengthen their capacities for attaining improved livelihoods, leadership and better living conditions. NAWIA works in building the capacities of smallholder farmers on good agricultural practices,entrepreneurship skills and development as well as help them to adopt climate smart agricultural techniques for increased productivity. Policy advocacies on gender rights, Gender Based Violence (GBV), Women Governance, Government Accountability, Increased investments in Agriculture, and women and youth empowerment, is one of the focus areas of the organization.For more information visit: https://nawia.org/

How will this grant help the organization?

“The grant will help our organization to rebuild it's internal systems and structures, to attain resilience and durability to adapt to the new normal and function effectively in carrying out result oriented advocacy campaigns and delivering sustainable and durable   development interventions; post Covid19”. 


Women Advocates Research and Documentation Center (WARDC)

Country: Nigeria

WARDC is a non-profit making, civil rights group established in May 2000 to promote and respect women's human right, gender equality, equity and social justice in Nigeria with a vision for a just equitable and sustainable world for women and girls for freedom from violence and all forms of oppression.The organisation provides pro bono legal services. For more information visit :https://wardcnigeria.org/

How will this grant help the organization?

“This is the first comprehensive institutional grant that the organisation has received in the last fifteen years, it will equip the organisation to be able to support her network members across Nigeria , build sustainable women's movement and  support transformative change”.


Ethiopian Women Rights Advocate (EWRA)

Country: Ethiopia

EWRA comprises of five Ethiopian women with extensive experience working in Ethiopia and backgrounds in law, gender, sociology, public health, economics, and development. Believing in bringing about change for Ethiopian women, we remained think tanks but registered on February 15, 2021.In terms of rights and protection, we envision equality and improved legal frameworks for Ethiopian women. Our mission is to challenge legal, policy, structural, and social norms in order to empower women, particularly marginalized and disadvantaged women and girls. 

How will this grant help the organization?

“Trust Africa has demonstrated the value of trust, and we are grateful. Even though we are a young organization with no experience implementing large projects like this one. This project will enable us to be the first to establish a functional data base for GBV while also enabling EWRA to have a roadmap that is a strategic document and to advocate and communicate with the great support of the guidelines to ensure the success of what we do. We are able to keep our staff and continue operations for a year in order to strengthen ourselves and do what we truly want for Ethiopian women”


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