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TrustAfrica is a Pan-African Philanthropic Organization established in 2006 that seeks to strengthen initiatives that address the most difficult challenges confronting the continent. Our dream of a better Africa resonates with the continent's vision and roadmap as expressed in the African Union's Agenda 2063: The Africa We Want and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We currently focus on three critical areas: Democracy and Governance, Equitable Development and Economic Justice, and African Philanthropy. As a catalyst and convener, we are committed to generating and testing new ideas.

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TrustAfrica is a partner to the continent's change agents, diverse civil society organizations, top-ranked think tanks, and vibrant social movements. It aims to support civic engagement that achieves justice, accountability, and equitable development in Africa. In its 14-year history, TrustAfrica has stewarded over US$80 million in support of African civil society organizations and has worked at the local community level on advocacy campaigns to bring the voices of the most vulnerable and marginalized citizens to the continent's top policy arenas. Its theory of change is that societies become more stable, prosperous, equitable, and just with responsible citizenship and accountable leadership. It leverages philanthropy that connects resources to priority development needs and catalyzes action for Africa's transformation.

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We now live in a world where Covid-19 is evenly distributed, but the equal opportunity to fight it is not. Four hundred twenty-two million people living in poverty on the African continent face the greatest risk of their lives. While the health and economic effects of Covid-19 ripple throughout the world, Covid-19 threatens to plunge one in three Africans into the deep end of poverty. We know the safety of those in our most marginalized communities is our collective immunity, yet awareness of our connection with our vulnerable sisters and brothers is almost non-existent.

To respond to this, the Community Immunity Initiative is a coordinated campaign to raise awareness and funding to support those living at the margins of society. Through this initiative, a collaboration between the Africa Philanthropy Network, TrustAfrica, and Southern Africa Trust, we hope to provide quick impact support to bring immediate relief to people living at the margins of society. While supporting policy initiatives, research, and advocacy efforts to provide long-term solutions to combat poverty and marginalization at the systemic level. Also, to ensure culturally contextualized and long-lasting solutions on the African continent are implemented. The initiative is also engaging activists, artists, athletes, medical professionals, musicians, and other respected voices from our global community to raise greater awareness of the impact of poverty and marginalization in Africa so together we can escalate the appropriate response.

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International Day for the Abolition of Slavery: Invitation to Virtual Public Lecture


TrustAfrica, Amnesty International, ASW and the African Network against Discrimination Based on Work, Descent and Contemporary Slavery (ANDS) wish to jointly invite you to a virtual public lecture to commemorate the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery. The theme of the lecture is: “Online and offline hate crimes against abolitionists and DWD communities in West Africa.”

The public lecture held on Friday, November 12, 2021 at TrustAfrica's premises was very successful. Moderated by renowned Pan-Africanist academic and politician Professor Abdoulaye Bathily, the conference was an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss The State in Africa: How to Overcome Crises and Consolidate Democracy? The conference also addressed the issue of the resurgence of civil and military coups, the shrinking of civic space in a growing number of African countries and the role of leadership in Africa. The lecture was held on the sidelines of TrustAfrica's 32nd Board of Directors meeting and was part of the agenda of regular debates initiated by the Pan African Foundation.
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Public lecture by Professor Abdoulaye Bathily

There has been an upsurge in civil and military coups and a shrinking of civic space in a growing number of African countries in recent years, while the serious institutional and political crises that some countries on the continent have been experiencing for several years are still far from being resolved. What explains the difficulty that many countries on the continent have in establishing or consolidating democratic governance systems? What roles can regional organizations and citizen movements play in ending crises and conflicts and consolidating democracy? How can we ensure a better future in dignity on the continent for the younger generations of Africans?

Organized on the sidelines of the 32nde Board meeting of TrustAfrica, the pan-African foundation, this conference is part of the agenda of debates initiated to allow different actors (civil society organizations, academics and policy makers) to exchange around issues of concern to Africans. These include issues that cover all areas related to governance, democracy, development of the continent and the development of its people.

The conference will take place on Friday, November 12, 2021, at 15:30 GMT at TrustAfrica's headquarters in Almadies (200 meters east of the Gondole patisserie), and will be moderated by renowned pan-Africanist academic and politician Professor Abdoulaye Bathily.

TrustAfrica invites you to attend this conference, which will be followed by an artistic performance in its gardens.

Program :

  • 15h00 - 15h30: Welcome of the participants
  • 15h30 -15h40: Welcome: Mrs. Coumba Touré, Chair of the Board of Directors of TrustAfrica 
  • 15:40 -- 15:45: Introduction of the Speaker by the Moderator: Mr. Ebrima Sall, Executive Director of TrustAfrica
  • 15:45 - 16:15: Lecture by Professor Abdoulaye Bathily
  • 15 - 16.45: Questions - answers and general debate
  • 16:45 - 17:30: Musical performance, snack, networking

Register here.

For more information, contact: Abdaramane Wone, Communication Officer Tel: +221 77 9538466 email: wone(at)trustafrica.org

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