3rd African Philanthropy Conference

The African Philanthropy Conference is an annual gathering of the continent’s leading philanthropic institutions. It is a platform for sharing of experiences, collective reflection, as well as the curation and development of philanthropic and social investment practices of the continent’s people and partners.

The 3rd African Philanthropy Conference will be hosted with the objective of addressing system changes that are required in philanthropy in the new normal especially, as these changes relate to the continent’s institutions, policies and practices. Simultaneous interpretation will be available in English, Portuguese and French.

On behalf of fellow partners, we invite you to join us as we nurture networks and support research to accelerate the understanding of the complexities of practices that aid the maturity of the field of African philanthropy and social investment.

Date: Wednesday, 3rd and Thursday, 4th of August 2022
Registration fee: USD$100
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The Conference will be hosted as a hybrid event with the in-person offering being at Protea Hotel Marriott in Sandton, Johannesburg.

Delegates who wish to travel will receive discounted rates when choosing to say at the hotel.

Conference Themes

The 3rd African Philanthropy Conference is framed into 3 thematic areas and 9 sub-themes:
Philanthropy and Climate Change

  1. Philanthropy and Climate Change
    • Subthemes: Food Security, Migration and Environmental Impacts
  2. Philanthropy and the Youth
    • Subthemes: Youth Participation, Youth Giving, Education and Awareness
  3. Technology and Systems in Philanthropy’s Practices
    • Subthemes: Technology Education, Technology Adoption and Systems Integration

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Pre-event – African Philanthropy Academic Conference

This year’s conference will have a pre-event. The Inaugural African Philanthropy Academic Conference is open to researchers, academics and postgraduate students, especially doctoral students, who have an interest and focus on African philanthropy and social investment.

Following a call for Research Abstracts, we look forward to hosting academics from across the globe on Tuesday, 2nd August 2022 in a hybrid format. For more information about the Academic Conference, please contact Coordinator Wycliffe Ndunga Ouma.

Venue: Protea Hotel Marriott in Sandton

Location: Johannesburg

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