Building a Movement for a West African Philanthropy Ecosystem

TrustAfrica, through its project “West African Philanthropy Support Ecosystem,” contributes to building a movement of philanthropic actors to strengthen the Philanthropy Support Ecosystem in West Africa. This project is a collaboration with WINGS that aims to engage philanthropy networks, support organizations, funders, and other relevant stakeholders from a set of West African Countries to identify the challenges and opportunities for developing a robust support ecosystem for giving and philanthropy in the region and to build a roadmap for self-owned and sustainable regional philanthropy development. The project is informed through participatory processes involving the establishment of a Steering Committee of philanthropy support organizations as well as research and consultations with the field. 


In May, TrustAfrica and WINGS, in partnership with the African Philanthropy Forum (APF), the African Philanthropy Network (APN), the Center for African Philanthropy and Social Investment (CAPSI) at the Wits Business School, the Global Fund for Community Foundation (GFCF), and the African Venture Philanthropy Alliance (AVPA), are planning the launch of the West African Philanthropy Support Ecosystem Project, to be held online the 18th and 19th from 12:00 to 15:00 GMT. The main objective of this launch will be to initiate a participatory process for the crafting of innovative strategies to build an infrastructure for transformative change in West African countries driven by philanthropy. Follow our @TrustAfrica social media platforms for more details on how to participate. 

As part of generating knowledge and data in the West African philanthropy ecosystem, TrustAfrica participated in the Global Philanthropy Environment Index (GPEI) 2022.  This index was initiated by the Lilly School of Philanthropy of Indiana University and involved 14 regions around the world including 91 countries. Through this TrustAfrica process, developed the Senegalese Environment Index. The GPEI assesses the enabling environment for philanthropy along with several indicators, including political and socio-cultural environment, tax incentives, ease of operating, and policies that relate to sending and receiving donations across borders. 

We are delighted to invite you to participate in the launch of the West African Philanthropy Support Ecosystem Project to be hosted as an online event. We invite you to join our esteemed panel of speakers and guests through the online platform.

Venue: Online

Location: Online

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