New Capacities for Activism in Pursuit of Democratic Governance and Participation

The global political moment we are facing has made it imperative for pro-democracy activists and social movements to unlock new capacities that can help bring to fruition aspirations of a more just and equitable society for all. While strategic organizing approaches, and renewed solidarity are some of the capacities which will need to be strengthened, there are others which account for the sustainability of the struggle for open societies that are being referred to as wellbeing practices.  


Read the remarks made by our Programs Director, Briggs Bomba, at the 2022 Wellbeing Summit where we spoke as part of the first cohort in the Pioneer Program. His remarks detail the global moment we are in and the fatigue it brings; the different type of leadership (visionary and future-focused) needed to navigate theses turbulent times; and the self-healing needed for the long-haul work which can be found as we integrate wellbeing practices in our activism for sustained people power.

Remarks by Briggs Bomba at the Wellbeing Summit, Bilbao, Spain on 31 May 2022 

Centering Wellbeing at this Turning Point in History 

Venue: Bilbao-Biscay

Location: Spain

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