The State in Africa: How to Overcome Crises and Consolidate Democracy?

Public lecture by Professor Abdoulaye Bathily

There has been an upsurge in civil and military coups and a shrinking of civic space in a growing number of African countries in recent years, while the serious institutional and political crises that some countries on the continent have been experiencing for several years are still far from being resolved. What explains the difficulty that many countries on the continent have in establishing or consolidating democratic governance systems? What roles can regional organizations and citizen movements play in ending crises and conflicts and consolidating democracy? How can we ensure a better future in dignity on the continent for the younger generations of Africans?


Organized on the sidelines of the 32nde Board meeting of TrustAfrica, the pan-African foundation, this conference is part of the agenda of debates initiated to allow different actors (civil society organizations, academics and policy makers) to exchange around issues of concern to Africans. These include issues that cover all areas related to governance, democracy, development of the continent and the development of its people.

The conference will take place on Friday, November 12, 2021, at 15:30 GMT at TrustAfrica’s headquarters in Almadies (200 meters east of the Gondole patisserie), and will be moderated by renowned pan-Africanist academic and politician Professor Abdoulaye Bathily.

TrustAfrica invites you to attend this conference, which will be followed by an artistic performance in its gardens.

Venue: TrustAfrica’s headquarters in Almadies

Location: Dakar Sénégal

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