Youth and the Challenges of the Contemporary World

TrustAfrica will hold a panel discussion on Youth and the challenges of the contemporary world.

How do young Africans perceive and experience global issues such as climate change, pandemics, food security and sovereignty, the explosion of cities, North-South relationship, inequalities, labor and employment problems, the 4th industrial revolution and the tremendous development of new technologies including artificial intelligence? Are democracy and governance, African integration and security issues perceived in the same way by young urban women as rural youth?


Young people represent the vast majority of Africa’s populations, and they are driving major cultural, economic and political change. Understanding how they perceive and experience development challenges and major issues such as globalization and issues of sovereignty and international solidarity is important for the formulation of policies that will meet their expectations.

Venue: TrustAfrica, lot 4 Ngor-Almadies

Location: Dakar Sénégal

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