Farewell Note: Tendisai Chigwedere

February 8, 2024

It is with mixed emotion and deep appreciation that we announce that Tendisai Chigwedere leaves TrustAfrica after 6.5 years of service to the continent in her capacity as our Learning Manager. She initially joined us attached to our Zimbabwe program and quickly expanded to a broader Pan-African portfolio anchoring our efforts to intergrate reflections and learning into our everyday practice as a Foundation. Tendisai brought her passion and experience from community organizing, social justice, public sector innovation, and feminist and resource equity from her work in both the public and development sectors in the US, Honduras, Mexico, Egypt, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Tendisai played a pivotal role in our work supporting African social movements – co-designing and hosting our African Social Movements Barazas and working in solidarity directly with intersectoral social movements from Zimbabwe and across the continent. She also managed one of our most significant grant pipelines under the Zimbabwe Alliance initiative handling sub granting, learning, storytelling and institutional accompaniment which contributed to the growth of out of the beltway civic formations and the consolidation of nascent civic groups.

We are very grateful for the leadership and dedication that Tendisai has shown over the years, playing key roles in our strategic planning processes, team retreats, learning routines and institutional development conversations. Tendisai had become someone we could rely on in our partnership development processes, representing the best of who we are as an institution with a deep capacity to theorize issues, provide thought leadership and dream together with fellow colleagues and our partners about the future and the thresholds that we need to cross for our continent to thrive. As you can tell, Tendisai epitomized what we strive for TrustAfrica to be to the continent -A partner who is tireless in the pursuit of the best that we know we can become as communities and leaders through generative solutions and transformative alternatives.
Thank you Tendisai for your service, we wish you the best in the new chapter and we look forward to continuing the journey together in different spaces. Aluta continua!

Thank you from all of us at TrustAfrica

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