Forum on Higher Education in Tanzania

January 24th, 2023

On September 13-14 in Arusha, Tanzania, key stakeholders came together in a forum to develop strategies for addressing challenges in higher education in Tanzania.  The forum, “Good Governance for Sustainable Quality University Education in Tanzania,” hosted in collaboration with the Committee of Vice Chancellors and Principals in Tanzania, took place at Mzumbe University.

TrustAfrica has initiated a multi-year project on Higher Education Transformation in Africa, which is designed to offer a platform for the strengthening of higher education in Africa. The project recognizes the long-term presence of key stakeholders, namely: researchers, policy makers, and various institutions whose work has been critical in shaping the higher education landscape in Africa. The project seeks to harness the various players’ efforts and strengths, as well as identify weaknesses that are hampering the necessary growth of a higher education sector in Africa in its contribution to the development of the continent.

The forum will have three key objectives:

  • To assess the quality of governance structures and the extent to which they facilitate or hinder good governance in universities;
  • To examine challenges facing universities and how good governance may provide solutions; and
  • To develop joint strategies for improving good governance in universities.

In addition, TrustAfrica presented the first of its scoping studies on Higher Education.  Tanzania is one of four targeted countries where the project hopes to identify the key issues and trends in higher education in Africa, establish key areas for intervention, and determine the nature of such interventions, as well as map out transformation drivers in Africa’s higher education sector.  The other three countries are: Ghana and Nigeria in West Africa, and Uganda in East Africa.

The scoping study (in a draft stage) and other conference papers are available in our Publications database under “Workshops and Convenings.”  Please visit our Resources page where you will find videos, photos and podcasts of the event.

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