A New Partnership for Agroecology in Africa: A Timely Solution to Hunger and Climate

24 janvier 2023

TrustAfrica and the Agroecology Fund announce a new partnership to launch Regional Agroecology Funds in West and Eastern Africa.

Agroecology, recognized in most parts of the world as a climate and hunger solution, is gaining traction in Africa and worldwide. A quickly growing grassroots agroecology movement in Africa is shifting policies, practices, and investments toward climate-friendly food systems. The African agroecology movement is a dynamic ecosystem, composed of thousands of associations, cooperatives, networks, policy makers and academics working to decolonize Africa’s food systems and regenerate Africa’s soils weakened by overuse of chemical inputs and failed Green Revolution policies. The Regional Agroecology Funds in Africa are financing and learning tools to support agroecology networks and organizations across the two regions. The funds will be co-managed by TrustAfrica and the Agroecology Fund.

The Funds will:

  • Offer donors a simple way to fund grassroots organizations, networks, and emerging enterprises that are critical to scaling agroecology up and out across Africa.
  • Ensure that organizations representing Indigenous Peoples, women, and youth receive the support they need to advance agroecology and uphold their rights.
  • Support grantee organizations in monitoring their progress against sought outcomes
  • Contribute to regional learning, and to knowledge generation and exchanges, to deepen grassroots evidence for agroecology, and to adjust and improve strategies for scaling up agroecology.

Trust Africa has a strong record of seeding and nurturing new, leading organizations, voices and networks and anchoring collaborative processes and movement building to find solutions to critical questions that can advance a progressive continental development agenda. Agroecology is one such critical solution.

Dr. Ebrima Sall, Executive Director, TrustAfrica

    Using a unique participatory philanthropic model that relies on guidance from grassroots African advisors, experts in the field and embedded in agroecology movements, the funds will provide resources to highly effective practitioners, scientists, and movement builders working across the continent to achieve equitable and sustainable food systems. The core business of the Funds is to support an ecosystem of collaborating African grassroots organizations and networks to transform food systems through agroecology.

    The African agroecology movement is so dynamic and creative. We are thrilled to team up with TrustAfrica to provide support to a movement that lies at the heart of a sustainable and equitable future for Africa.

    Tabara Ndiaye, Agroecology Fund African Regional Funds Coordinator

      The Funds have been capitalized by philanthropic organizations both large and small, from the Ikea Foundation to the 11th Hour Project. With agroecology increasingly embraced as a critical solution to multiple challenges that Africa is facing, the funds are expected to grow quickly. Territorial-based approaches to funding is a key Agroecology Fund strategy, and the Africa Funds are the third and fourth regional funds to launch in the last four years. The first was in Mexico in 2020 and the second in India in 2022. Regional funds give bilateral and multilateral agencies, as well as private philanthropists, an opportunity to support hard-to-reach grassroots work and to jointly fund inclusive and rights-based initiatives rooted in agroecology principles that support impacts as diverse as food security, food sovereignty, biodiversity conservation, and climate resilience. This approach will transform global food systems. Please contact Daniel Moss, Co-Director, at daniel@agroecologyfund.org or Bethule Nyamambi, Programme Manager, at nyamambi@trustafrica.org if you’re interested in becoming a donor of these funds or to learn more.

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