African Giving Traditions

The articles in this collection are part of a collaborative pilot project investigating the diversity and unity of African giving traditions. The pilot, launched by GivingTuesday and the National Philanthropic Trust in collaboration with Trust Africa, showed definitively that generosity forms part of the fabric of everyday life across the continent, taking shape in a multitude of expressions and weaving itself into cultures and economies with tremendous power.
These twenty articles only scratch the surface of this rich dimension of life on the continent. We look forward to deepening our exploration, and reflecting our learnings back to the many communities that they touch.
For more on the philosophical foundations of the project, consult the article “African Philanthropy Narratives,” accessible below.

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African Philanthropy Narratives

Advancing equitable and peaceful communities: The Practice of Social Solidarity Through ‘Takaful’

Al Waqf: A Divine Marketing Strategy for Perpetual Generosity