African Higher Education Summit: Revitalising for African’s Future

January 18, 2016

FOR most of us here in Africa what we know has always been defined by what others know or rather what they think they know about us. Externally generated forms of knowledge and paradigms tend to shape what is possible for us as people and as nations. At TrustAfrica, we believe that higher education should be a critical engine for redefining and repositioning ourselves for shared economic growth and social progress. We realize that our future and that of the next generation depends on improving the quality and relevance of higher education to ensure that it adequately responds to the challenges that we face as a continent. This e-book presents some important thinking that can potentially contribute towards specific actions that need to be taken and hopefully help us forge this new future.

Aicha Bah Diallo Chair TrustAfrica 




“All countries and all regions in the world, irrespective of their development levels and capacities, face challenges in all sectors, including in higher education. This is mainly due to the rapid, continuous and even unexpected changes they encounter. The best and most viable means to tackle these challenges is through well-trained human capacities. However, although education for education sake is necessary, it is also vital to train university graduates to solve societal problems and contribute to socioeconomic development by matching skills demand in general. The latter, remains the key and most difficult challenge of the African countries.” – Prof. Jelel Ezzine, Tunisian Association for the Advancement of Science, Technology and Innovation

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