Call to Eradicate Discrimination Based on Work and Descent Eliminating Casteism, Antigypsyism, Traditional and Modern Forms of Slavery

September 15, 2020



We, the Parliamentarians, Human Rights Defenders and the Academia, representing around 260 million people in the world discriminated on the basis of work and descent (DWD), have gathered together from 15 countries in different continents in virtual conference on 14 September, 2020.

We thank the Permanent Mission of Germany to United Nations at New York for hosting our conference which is determined to work towards the total elimination of discrimination based on work and descent, casteism, antigypsyism, traditional and contemporary forms of slavery and other analogous forms of discrimination.

In order to realize the above, we call upon the Government Missions, UN Experts, Human Rights Organisations to form a Coordination Group to perform the following tasks:

  1. To set up an Informal Working Group to study and recommend steps that map the critical actions to be taken at UN SDGs, UN Third Committee, the WCAR +20 and other relevant mechanisms. This Working Group will comprise Parliamentarians, academics, human rights experts, Permanent Missions, UN experts (including former) and professionals from various walks of life;
  2. To set up another Informal Working Group at the UN HRC to operationalise the Guidance Tool to eliminate DWD by having similar members – Parliamentarians, academics, human rights experts, Permanent Missions, UN experts (including former), and professionals from various walks of life;
  3. To ensure that the Regional DWD bodies in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America address the real concerns of DWD communities adequately and effectively.

In order to achieve the above tasks, we hereby resolve International Parliamentary Forum on DWD and the Global Forum on DWD to plan and monitor the progress of realising these tasks both at the global and regional levels.

With a deep respect for our people and culture, with confidence in responding to the challenges, with faith in our strength, and with hope in our vision, we shall achieve our goal, as we go forth together as one body.

Mr. Meen Biswakarma,


International Parliamentarians Forum on DWD 

Mr. N. Paul Divakar


Global Forum on DWD

14 September, 2020

List of Participants


Country MP/CSO Name Country MP/CSO Name
Perm Mission of Germany to UN Ambassador Christoph Heusgen Mali CSO Ali Bouzou
Perm Mission of Germany to UN Officer Christine Haimerl Mali CSO Mr. Ibrahim Ag Idbaltanat
Bangladesh MP Gloria Jarhna Sarker Mauritania CSO Brahim Ramdane Abeid
Germany MP Romeo Franz Nepal CSO Durga Sob
Germany MP Omid Nouripour Nepal CSO Bhakta Biswakarma
India MP Thol Thirumavalavan Niger CSO Alkoa Madjiyera Ngar
Mauritania MP Elid Mohameden M’BARECK Pakistan CSO Dr. Sono Khangrani
Nepal MP Anjana Bishnuke Sénégal CSO Olivia Tchamba
Pakistan MP Gian Chand USA CSO Mr. Milind Awasarmol
Sri Lanka MP Thilakarajah Mylvahanam Organiser CSO Manuela Ott
Bangladesh CSO Zakir Hossain Organiser CSO Paul Divakar Namala
Brazil CSO Prof. Givania Certo Sri Lanka CSO Dr. Sivapragasam
Brazil CSO Dr. Carmela Zigoni Organiser Rapporteur Vishal Kamble
Brussels CSO Gabriela Hrabanova Organiser Rapporteur Savannah Day
Gambia CSO Ebrima Sall Organiser Rapporteur Aloysius Irudayam
India CSO Dr. Ramesh Nathan Organiser Rapporteur Dr. Deepak Nikarthil
India CSO Beena Pallical Organiser    

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