Celebrating Gerry Salole, winner of the Annual African Philanthropy Lifetime Achievement Award 2023 

January 24th, 2023, by TrustAfrica.

The African Philanthropy Conference is an annual gathering of the continent’s philanthropic institutions and stakeholders. It is a platform for sharing experiences, collective reflection, and development of philanthropic and social investment practices of the continent’s people. The Conference equally provides an opportunity for partners to nurture networks and support research to accelerate the understanding of the complexities of practices that aid the maturity of the field of African philanthropy and social investment. 

The 4th African Philanthropy Conference and the 2nd African Philanthropy Academic Conference were both hosted under the theme “African Philanthropy at an Inflection Point”. The Executive Director of TrustAfrica, Dr Ebrima SALL, expressed gratitude to all partners, participants, philanthropic institutions and other stakeholders for their commitment to the development of African Philanthropy and for their contribution to the success of the two conferences held in Dakar and Saly, Senegal from 31 July to 4 August 2023. 

The conference equally recognized the unwavering contribution that has been made by Dr Gerry Salole to African philanthropy over several decades. Dr Salole was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award in Philanthropy by conference partners who recognize with profound respect that his dedication, perseverance, and passion have left an indelible mark on the field of philanthropy in Africa. Dr Salole, former board member of TrustAfrica has contributed through remarkable insights and leadership in changing the narrative and inspiring the new generations to transform the landscape. 

TrustAfrica is very honored and invites all its partners, and friends to commemorate this lifetime achievement that greatly contributed in shaping development on the continent. 

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