Historic Resolution Passed by NGO Forum of Africa Commission of Human and Peoples Rights to Combat Discrimination Based on Work and Decent

October 19, 2023

Tanzania, 18th of October 2023  – In a significant step toward achieving equality and justice, the NGO forum the Africa Commission of Human and Peoples Rights (lACHPR) has successfully passed a groundbreaking resolution aimed at addressing discrimination based on work and descent in the continent. This resolution marks a significant milestone in the ongoing struggle to protect the rights and dignity of Communities discriminated on work and descent(later referred as CDWD) across Africa. 

The ACHPR, composed of representatives from various African nations, NGOs and other stakeholder groups convened in Arush, Tanzania from 16th-18th of October 2023 to deliberate on this vital issue. After extensive discussions and with a unanimous decision, the NGO forum of the commission adopted a comprehensive resolution dedicated to combating discrimination against CDWD . 

The NGO forum acknowledged that discrimination based on work and descent is widespread across the African continent, and that multiple, aggravated and intersecting forms of discrimination impact women, children and youth, persons with disabilities and those of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity, which makes them more vulnerable to denial of their human rights on an equal basis with others.