We now live in a world where Covid-19 is evenly distributed, but the equal opportunity to fight it is not. Four hundred twenty-two million people living in poverty on the African continent face the greatest risk of their lives. While the health and economic effects of Covid-19 ripple throughout the world, Covid-19 threatens to plunge one in three Africans into the deep end of poverty. We know the safety of those in our most marginalized communities is our collective immunity, yet awareness of our connection with our vulnerable sisters and brothers is almost non-existent.

To respond to this, the Community Immunity Initiative is a coordinated campaign to raise awareness and funding to support those living at the margins of society. Through this initiative, a collaboration between the Africa Philanthropy Network, TrustAfrica, and Southern Africa Trust, we hope to provide quick impact support to bring immediate relief to people living at the margins of society. While supporting policy initiatives, research, and advocacy efforts to provide long-term solutions to combat poverty and marginalization at the systemic level. Also, to ensure culturally contextualized and long-lasting solutions on the African continent are implemented. The initiative is also engaging activists, artists, athletes, medical professionals, musicians, and other respected voices from our global community to raise greater awareness of the impact of poverty and marginalization in Africa so together we can escalate the appropriate response.

The project has three interdependent objectives as follows:

  1. Objective 1: Strengthen Community-Based Organizations and Movements.
  2. Objective 2: Create opportunities for dialogue and support evidence-based advocacy.
  3. Objective 3: Grow the Community Immunity network of partners.


TrustAfrica is a partner to the continent’s change agents, diverse civil society organizations, top-ranked think tanks, and vibrant social movements. It aims to support civic engagement that achieves justice, accountability, and equitable development in Africa. In its 14-year history, TrustAfrica has stewarded over US$80 million in support of African civil society organizations and has worked at the local community level on advocacy campaigns to bring the voices of the most vulnerable and marginalized citizens to the continent’s top policy arenas. Its theory of change is that societies become more stable, prosperous, equitable, and just with responsible citizenship and accountable leadership. It leverages philanthropy that connects resources to priority development needs and catalyzes’ action for Africa’s transformation.


 TrustAfrica, as part of the Community Immunity Initiative, is inviting Concept Notes from potential partners in West Africa, Central Africa, and North Africa. We seek to partner with community-based organizations and organizations that work directly with marginalized populations or individuals.

 We will support grants:

  • Aimed at ensuring poor and marginalized communities are equipped with the tools to access information, relief to counter the effects of COVID-19, and hold decision-making structures accountable.
  • We are focused on impacting the livelihoods of one or more of the following groups: women in rural areas, young people, ex-miners, informal and cross-border traders, domestic workers, small-scale farmers, migrant workers, and refugees.
  • That can also be used as a strategy for scale, where artists, media outlets (including community radios), emerging social movements of youth, women and other groups, social entrepreneurs, and relevant community-based organizations develop and disseminate popular media from the perspective of communities and aligning with the Community Immunity objectives.

Applications should be in the form of a Brief Concept Note, not more than 2-3 pages, and a budget from civil society organizations in the three targeted regions. Concept notes should include the following sections:

  1. About the organization
  2. Contexte et analyse du problème
  3. Project Goal and Objectives
  4. Specific Activities
  5. Partnerships and Stakeholders

This is a small grants program and will support budgets of below $10,000.


 Before beginning the process, applicants should ensure their organizations are eligible to apply for a TrustAfrica grant. Successful concept notes submitted by organizations will be invited to submit a complete application using TrustAfrica’s online grants portal – Fluxx. You will have the opportunity to create your profile by completing a detailed online form to provide information on your organization’s governance structure and accountability, both financially and operationally. TrustAfrica will give more details to shortlisted applicants.

 As part of our due diligence process, the documents below will be required:

  • A valid registration certificate.
  • The most recent financial statements.
  • The banking information of the organization for an account in the name of the organization.
  • The IRS form provided, which is an affidavit containing organizational information.
  • A letter of recommendation (first time applicants only), usually from a local institution.
  • The resumes of key staff involved in the project.


In certain circumstances, when a prospective grantee fails to meet essential criteria, pertains to an individual application, or lacks the capacity to manage grant funds, a fiscal agent can be proposed on behalf of the implanter.

Ce que nous ne pouvons pas financer

  • Fonds pour le voyage aux États-Unis
  • Subventions de dotation
  • les projets d'investissement, tels que l'achat ou la construction de bâtiments.
  • Politique partisane
  • Le lobbying
  • Activités ou entreprises à but lucratif 

How to Apply: Please email your concept note in either English or French with the subject: COMMUNITY IMMUNITY – CONCEPT NOTE to grants@trustafrica.org before the end of day 17th of January 2022