Voices of Zimbabwe

June 14, 2018

Zimbabwe Alliance recently started a public polling initiative dubbed Voices of Zimbabwe. The initiative seeks to continuously and empirically gauge Citizens’ mood of a consistent pool of respondents via WhatsApp from which we develop nice infographics for publicizing online. The polling results are meant to help inform policy and programming in Zimbabwe.

In the aftermath of November 2017, Zimbabweans have an opportunity that they have not had in the decades that have followed our independence. There is a new cultural climate – we are forward looking and optimistic. We believe that change can happen, and that we can master our own futures, no longer are we defined by pessimism and paralyzed by the inability to act.

We recognize the critical opportunity we have to invite multiple layers and sectors of our society into a new standard of citizenship and culture of open dialogue that will foster a peaceful future.  In the national milieu of power and politics, voices of ordinary Zimbabweans including the usually marginalized women and youth, need to be channeled in shaping the country’s future. To this end, resurgent citizens’ voices articulating a non-partisan citizen agenda for inclusive transformation seem to offer a glimpse of hope.

Voices of Zimbabwe seeks to develop an open platform for citizens to express their priorities and reflect the data back to them in smart infographics which they can use as an advocacy and dialogue tool in their circles of influence. We are launching the first report on Thursday March 15 2018, and the launch will be supported by a livestream discussion of the findings and the utility of the platform.

A copy of the report and this and wider results can also here.

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