Framing a 21st Century Narrative on Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance A Pan-African Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue Forum

January 24th, 2023

Venue: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia AUC Conference Centre (alternative: UNECA Conference Center)

Date: May 23-24, 2013

This year (2013) marks the 50th Anniversary of the Organization of African Unity/African Union (OAU/AU), which was founded on the 25th May, 1963. The 50th Anniversary celebrations provide a unique opportunity to recreate the African narrative by putting it in perspective to enthuse and energize the African population and use their constructive energy to set and implement an agenda for unity, peace and development in the 21st century. The thrust of this agenda is a program of social, economic and political rejuvenation that links the past, present and future in order to create a new generation of Pan-Africanists. This generation of Pan-Africanists will harness the lessons learned and use them as building blocks to consolidate the hope and promises of African Unity and Renaissance. TrustAfrica along with several other partner organizations will be a co-covener of this two-day dialogue coordinated by the AUC Chairperson’s office.

Expected outcomes include:

  • A definitive statement on the challenges and prospects for Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance in the current geo-economic and geo-political global context
  • An appreciation of the contributions made by African non-State actors to the development and evoluation of Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance
  • A strategic reflection on Africa’s strategies for engaging the rest of the world (South, West, East and North)
  • Recommendations on Africa’s contribution to sustainable develompent and the definition of the new global compact on development post-2015
  • Substantive contributions to African Renaissance and the 2063 Vision statement
  • Renewed impetus towards the revival of the PAM and efforts towards reviving the PAC
  • A draft “Declaration/Communique” that will be presented at the May, 2013 AU Assembly and 8th Pan-Africanist Congress (PAC) in 2014, respectively
  • The revitalization of the teaching of Africa’s history in the schools and colleges, including the proper profiling and documentation of its progressive leaderships.

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