Global Call to Eradicate Discrimination and Uphold Human Dignity and Equality

October 7, 2019

 We, the representatives of the 260 million discriminated people from 24 countries including parliamentarians, academia, human rights organizations across the world gathered together in New York, United States of America from 21st to 23rd September 2019 to participate in the “International Congress on Discrimination based on Work and Descent1, Casteism, Antigypsyism, Traditional and Contemporary Forms of Slavery and Other Analogous Forms of Discrimination”, deem it necessary and urgent to make this declaration.

Download the report here

We call upon the United Nations and States Parties to adopt effective measures toward ending all forms of discrimination and violence based on work and descent, casteism, antigypsyism, traditional and contemporary forms of slavery and other analogous forms of discrimination (hence forth referred as DWD).


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