There is a new energy in Africa, driven by young people determined to have a say in their communities.

They are sparking citizen action in new ways – through music, theater, and art, amplified by social media.

And they are drawing on the strength and experience of social justice leaders who have been at this for some time.

Our Focus Areas

TrustAfrica’s programs have focused on strengthening democracy and democratic governance, promoting equitable development, and advancing African philanthropy.

Democratic Governance

To leverage our current work with social movements, our extensive rights and justice work, and our wide network of relationships with civil society, think tanks, regional organizations and donors.

Equitable Development

To build on the impact of many of our initiatives, including curbing illicit financial flows from Africa, securing policies to help smallholder farmers, and reforming higher education.

African Philanthropy

To leverage our previous participation in research on African philanthropy, and our promotion of the field in global and African spaces. This includes co-founding the African Philanthropy Network.


Since 2006, TrustAfrica has awarded US$80 million to African civil society organizations 622 Grants in 34 African countries.