How TrustAfrica championed for the RS programme in various countries across Africa  

January 24th, 2023

In 2022, TrustAfrica convened important inaugural inclusive multi-stakeholder dialogue platforms in Kenya and Uganda bringing together tea sector stakeholders in the East and Southern African regions. The work prioritised on gaining consensus amongst sector players on priority advocacy issues through multi-stakeholder agenda-setting dialogue as we strengthened influential relationships and engaged strategic partnerships and allies.  

We supported the East Africa Tea Trade Association (EATTA) and smallholder farmer associations to convene inclusive dialogue in Kenya and Uganda.    

Through their regional mandate, we worked closely with EATTA and convened a regional multi-stakeholder platform with project countries: Kenya, Uganda, Malawi and Mozambique. We also included other strategic countries in the tea trade, such as Rwanda.  

First, we strengthened the negotiation skills of tea workers in Malawi by supporting them to mobilize and organise members to reach a critical threshold percentage of 15% and surpassing it to 23%, which legitimized Plant and Agriculture Workers Union (PAWU) to call on the industry to the dialogue table.  

Secondly, PAWU and the Tea Industry signed a Common Bargaining Agreement, which provides workers with a wage increment, allowing seasonal workers to join the union and have continued membership.  

TrustAfrica Equitable Development program Manager Dr Bethule Nyamambi during the Malawi MSP hosted by TrustAfrica in collaboration with Solidaridad on October 27, 2022  

TrustAfrica  and partners during the Malawi MSP, October 27, 2022   

We successfully trained civil society actors in advocacy and policy influencing in Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Zambia. The aim of the capacity building was to strengthen stakeholders’ advocacy capacity and influence policy.    

CSOs partners used this platform to develop important advocacy actions and organised into networks to push an advocacy agenda together. As a follow-up, TrustAfrica is supporting the implementation of these action plans.    

TrustAfrica during a capacity building forum in Zambia on cotton and textile on November 16, 2022  

Land work   

Following the training of CSOs in the TrustAfrica land governance monitoring tool, we collaborated with our CSO partner to create awareness and sensitize on the land act 1036 in Ghana. The activity provided participants with deeper knowledge and understanding of the relevant provisions of the new Land Act and their application to smallholder farmers and on gender issues in land administration.  

The participants are expected to use their updated information about the Land Act to address their land tenure challenges advocated through their cooperatives on provisions that limit their productivity.  

The absence of documentation for smallholder farmers emerged as one of the most critical land tenure challenges affecting the oil palm and cocoa value chains. In addressing this issue, establishing Customary Land Secretariates (CLSs) is pivotal since the Land Act gives CLSs the mandate to produce and maintain records of all land transactions at the customary level.  

We also used presentation of Land Governance Monitoring Tool in Ghana as an important tool for CSOs to gather evidence on land governance in their communities    

TrustAfrica during a sensitisation forum with traditional chiefs on land rights in Ghana on November 10,2022  

Trust Africa organized sensitization meetings in Sierra Leone on the newly passed customary land law and the national land policy. The activity was held to create awareness among traditional leaders, authorities, and the communities on the provisions for women in the National Land Commission Act and Customary Land Right Act with a particular focus on parts III, IV and V of the Customary land right law and chapter 6, specifically section 6 subsection 3 of the National Land Policy.  

The purpose of the sensitization was to bring relevant stakeholders with positive power influence on land and policy issues to understand the provisions of women on the newly enacted law, to build social support and impart knowledge in them to cascade the same in their communities and to develop action points for the implementation of the law. The sensitization was also an avenue to engender inclusive contributions on the pathway for the performance of the law to make the law a success.   

We collaborated with our CSO partner to organize radio discussions to create awareness of the newly passed land commission and customary land acts. The radio series aimed to sensitize the general population, especially women farmers, on the provisions in the Act, establish a platform with media organizations to support women’s land ownership discussions and amplify women’s voices and active participation in land rights discussions.   

We also produced jingles in English and two other local languages (Mende and Temne), highlighting the importance of land and gender inclusion and the laws and policies available to support women’s access and ownership of land.  

TrustAfrica created vox pops on gender and land tenure produced in Krio to share opinions, concerns, and recommendations from women farmers in the cocoa and oil palm sector. The interview covered land ownership topics, how policymakers and traditional authorities can support women to own land, and women’s role in the decentralized land management structures. This was aired on radio stations, and a WhatsApp version was circulated.  

Jingles are currently being aired on major radio stations within the cocoa districts.  

The power of voices advocacy and policy influencing training workshop in Sierra Leone – TrustAfrica during training workshop meeting in Sierra Leone for Gender Champions.   

In 2023, TrustAfrica plans to support CSOs through capacity-building forums, convene Multistakeholder platforms and organize training as part of our RS stakeholder strengthening activities.   


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