Mission & Values

Shaping the future we want for Africa

TrustAfrica began in 2006 with the conviction that Africans must set the agenda for tackling our continent’s most pressing challenges. We are an independent philanthropy rooted on the continent, and this is central to what we do and also how we do it.

Our Vision

African citizens living with dignity in a sovereign, just, integrated and prosperous Africa with strong and effective institutions.

Our Mission

We exist to promote responsible citizenship and accountable leadership in addressing Africa’s most pressing challenges.

Our Theory of Change

Our theory of change holds that responsible citizenship and accountable leadership will enable societies to become more stable, more prosperous, more equitable, and just. We believe that if we leverage African and global philanthropic resources to strengthen these two levers and connect issues and connect constituencies, we will catalyze a movement for Africa’s transformation.

Our Values


We are driven by a spirit of solidarity with our fellow human beings, rooted in Ubuntu – “I am because you are” – and also with our planet’s other inhabitants, the flora and fauna. We see the material and the spiritual as connected, as are past, present and future generations.


Together with our partners, we seek to consolidate democracy, make governance work for all Africans, and advance the integration and equitable development of the continent.

African Agency

We are actively engaged in shaping the future we want for Africa, and, by extension, the rest of the world.

Justice and Inclusion

We see strength in our diversity, and we champion inclusiveness that is founded on justice.