National War Victims Conference to take place in Uganda in May, 2014

January 24th, 2023

The National Victims’ Conference will take place in May 2014 in Kampala, Uganda. In preparation for the national conference, AYINET is organizing a series of victim consultations in the different conflict affected regions of Uganda, beginning with this week’s meeting in Lira. A schedule of the consultations is included below.  Learn more about the first consultation on their Website here.






Greater North

27th – 30th November,2013

Lango,Acholi,Teso,West Nile,Karamoja



20th – 24th January,2014

Kasese , Bundibugyo



10th – 13th February,2014

Buganda, Busoga



3rd – 6th March,2014

Tororo, Kapchorwa, Ngora,Kumi, Bukedia,Palisa,Mbale



The Government of Uganda has developed a draft national transitional justice policy with a plan to instate the policy as an overreaching framework to address justice, accountability, and reconciliation in post conflict Uganda. The draft policy provides an important opportunity for victims and their communities to contribute to the formulation, development, and implementation of transitional justice mechanisms. However, its success remains subject to public understanding and ownership of the process.  

AYINET is organizing the national war victims’ conference to provide a platform for dialogue to ensure that transitional justice processes reflect the interests of the victims, promotes their sense of dignity, support their rehabilitation and their potential to assume a constructive role in society. Victim consultations in all of the conflict affected regions of the country are intended to prepare victims and their communities to take an active role in transitional justice processes and contribute to the achievement of lasting peace, justice, and reconciliation.

The national conference will take place in Kampala, Uganda in May 2014. It will bring together representatives of war victims from around the country, humanitarian and human rights activists, peace builders, media, donors, United Nations and government representatives.

Goal of National Victims Conference: To Strengthen Victims Participation in Transitional Justice Processes

Objectives of the National  conference:

1. To develop coordinated and harmonized voices and subsequently influence policy debates on matters concerning victims’ rights and victims’ participation in transitional justice, as well as, an established inclusive victim centered transitional justice process that has the capacity to deliver credible TJ outcomes.

2. To discuss and summarize the most pressing issues facing victims of war, raise awareness about their needs, and identify potential avenues for the resolution.

3. To facilitate dialogue between victims and state authorities as well as non-state actors in order to build the mutual trust required for sustainable peace and national reconciliation in Uganda.

4. To establish a national network of war victims.

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