Opening day of the 2nd African Social Movements Baraza

January 24th, 2023

The 2nd African Social Movements Baraza has so far been an enlightening gathering of like-minded progressive social movement actors, who traveled from various parts of the continent to be part of this moment.

During a vibrant morning registration process, comrades enjoyed reconnecting with each other in-person, which for many was the first time since the resumption of international travel. The facilitator for the convening is Nizenande Machi, a seasoned conversation guider who has kept the flames of inspiration alive for the participants.

On the first day, the convening opened with addresses from Ebrima Sall, Coumba Toure, Ellen Dorsey, Bhekinkosi Moyo and Briggs Bomba, whose collective message aligned with Thomas Sankara’s timeless quote “We must dare to invent the future.” Participants were encouraged to use their rich experiences to shape the strategies and intelligence required.

The program of #ASMBaraza2022 leans on the transformative power of the art and creative fields. To support this, the convening venue was decorated to include references and inclusions that stirred alternative thinking.

Through song, visual arts, poetry and crafts, participants were given a space to re-imagine collectively and energetically.


Thanks to interventions such as reflections, panel sessions and group dialogues, participants are maximising opportunities to frame how they will fulfill the mandate of #ASMBaraza2022. Some of these ideas include reimagining how to build new systems, tactically breaking silos that hinder the progress of social movements and repositioning individual and collective philanthropy as an enabler of social change.

The convenors and partners of the Baraza hosted a one of a kind cocktail dinner where participants were treated to live performances from Hip-Hop collective Soundz of the South, Artivist Killa Ace and award-winning Afrosoul musician Berita. 

The time to wind down after constructive conversations has been a valuable tool for strengthening relations among movement actors.

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