African Methane Action Seed Funding Initiative

Focus Area:

The global fight to rapidly address methane emissions has taken on greater political and developmental significance, underpinned by more solid scientific data clarifying that to remain within 1.5C, we need to drastically address methane emissions. More than 20 African countries have signed on to the Global Methane Pledge and have undertaken steps to move public policy, resources, and action toward meeting these commitments. The role of non-state actors is critical to meeting these goals for the benefit of people and to spur development as methane reduction action unfolds. Civil society, in particular, communities and people in various local civic formations are central to building ownership of a domestic methane reduction agenda, elevating social and political action to keep the momentum and,  to advancing greater domestic and global accountability.

TrustAfrica is collaborating with The Global Methane Hub to launch a $490,000 Africa-focused program to support African civil society organisations focused on methane reduction. Spanning a year from January to December 2024, the program aims to fast-track policy, financial, and regulatory changes globally to cut down methane emissions in three contributing sectors: Energy, Waste management and Agriculture.   The initiative aims to broaden and equip people on community-led climate action and accountability: Stronger people and community-focused participation, inclusion, and oversight of Methane action. The grants will fund seven civil society and research institutions across Tanzania, Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Mozambique, South Africa and Kenya. These groups will use the funding to ramp up existing efforts or pilot new methane mitigation strategies through research, awareness drives, technology implementation, and capacity building.

Project Impact