Harambee~Ubuntu: Pan-African and Feminist Philanthropies 

Focus Area:

Harambee ~ Ubuntu pan-African and Feminist philanthropies (PAFP) stem from a deep partnership between Urgent Action Fund – Africa and TrustAfrica to re-imagine and define African philanthropic narratives and build a locally owned and driven resource infrastructure for pan-African and feminist movements and philanthropies.

The inaugural convening in July 2022 spearheaded this initiative, with prominent pan-African and feminists, academics, philanthropists, and social justice activists coming together over dialogue and commitment-making in Naivasha, Kenya. The conversations were grounded in shared values and community agreements to advance a grand political vision, discourse, and practice around pan-African and feminist giving.

In February 2023, during the Re-imaging pan-African and Feminist Philanthropies Indaba, the Endowment was seeded. Pan-African and feminist organisations and activists made commitments of over USD$520,000. They gave in their own right, showing true belief and commitment to building a path by walking it. Further commitments from scholars in the form of scholarly articles and academically rigorous analysis speaking to pan-African and feminist philanthropies, institutions in the form of commitment to speak about our principles based on pan-African and feminist analysis as well as resourcing additional work to advance a truly pan-African and feminist philanthropic agenda and funding partners embraced the broader spectrum of philanthropies that goes beyond financial resources as a way of advancing truly pan-African and Feminist philanthropies values.

Our Vision

We envision an ecosystem of philanthropies grounded in pan-African and feminist values and principles, with shared infrastructure and mechanisms that connect and strengthen social movements, activists and communities by moving money and other resources in service of their efforts to advance justice and equity.

Our Philanthropic Goals

  • To foreground new philanthropic narratives on pan-African and feminist solidarity centring on power, agency, priorities, collective action, and independence of those facing oppression and injustice.
  • To co-create, deepen, and advance inclusive and intersectional philanthropic approaches, systems, and practices in support of African-led efforts advancing justice and liberation of all people of African descent.


The alliance-building underlying this initiative is a deliberate attempt to:

  • Deepen transformative philanthropic narratives and practices within a holistic and collective framework.
  • Develop new partnerships that champion the transformation of the philanthropic ecosystem through alliance-building, resourcing, and solidarity.
  • Strengthen the pan-African and feminist philanthropic ecosystem and support infrastructure development.
  • Develop essential tools philanthropic entities can use to shift their policies and practices and hold themselves accountable for change.

How are we moving forward?

Based on ongoing consultations, we have developed a working agenda that will: 

  • Strengthen the ideological framing, practice, and knowledge building of PAFP.
  • Enhance visibility and socialisation of the pan-African and feminist narratives and principles.
  • Strengthen the pan-African and feminist philanthropy infrastructure and ecosystem.
  • Shift narratives, policies and practices in crucial funding and influencing spaces to centre pan-African and Feminist philanthropies.
  • Seed, co-create, and mobilise resources for a pan-African and feminist endowment fund to support and sustain important African institutions, organisations, and movements. 

Big Ambitions!

Our ultimate goal is to raise more than $25,000,000 of new financial resources to be used by and for pan-African feminist and social justice movements. We thank the Hewlett Foundation, who believe in our vision and seeded Harambee ~ Ubuntu – PAFP with our first grant. We have entered an intensive fundraising phase and invite you to join us.

To become part of the movement, please reach out to the following contacts:

Tsitsi Marylin Midzi
Head – Transformative Partnerships and Philanthropy, UAF-Africa
Email: Tsitsi(at)UAF-Africa.org

Briggs Bomba
Programs Director

Email: bomba(at)trustafrica.org

Project Impact