African Social Movements

Focus Area:

TrustAfrica is leading efforts to strengthen and centre social movements as part of building people’s power and agency in shaping the continent’s future. Through the African Social Movements Baraza, we have created space for movements from across the continent to meet and engage around the critical global political moment and explore ways to strengthen organising for social transformation at this time.

Equally, we are driving efforts to facilitate donor collaboration in creating facilities of collaborative support towards social organising. In March 2023, we convened a meeting of funders and social movement leaders to reflect on ways of unlocking massive support, including much more and better money for social movements.

The two-day meeting was held in Dakar, Senegal. We are happy to report a commitment from the Ford Foundation, Southern Africa regional office to invest $1 million to support the initiative. Additionally, we have support from Wallace Global Fund, who have invested in supporting funders and movement convenings that we are organising around the initiative and have also made a commitment to support a massive campaign to build resources for African social movements and organising over the next decade.

Project Impact