A Decade of Strengthening African Initiatives – Press Release

Dakar, Senegal – On Monday, TrustAfrica celebrated its 10th Anniversary in Almadies Ngor, Dakar, Senegal. The celebrations were attended by leading civil society actors, policy makers and well-wishers.

6 June 2016, marked 10 years since TrustAfrica was launched as an independent organization working to strengthen African initiatives and secure conditions for democracy and equitable development on the continent.

As part of his anniversary remarks, TrustAfrica Executive Director, Dr. Tendai Murisa acknowledged the foresight and contributions of all of those who were part of the journey and assured them that their vision and was still at the core of the organization.

The celebrations fall under the theme “Looking back, Looking ahead: African Philanthropy for Socioeconomic and Political Justice in the 21st Century” and will unfold over the next four months in celebratory events to be held in Senegal, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Liberia.

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