Developing a Collective Framework and Agenda to Advance Social Justice Philanthropy in Africa and the Arab Region: A Convening

In October 2012, TrustAfrica, the Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace Working Group and the African Grantmakers Network hosted a convening in collaboration with the Global Fund for Community Foundations and the Arab Foundations Forum. The aim of the convening was to explore a framework to develop and deepen work on social justice philanthropy in Africa and the Arab region. I, along with two others, was asked to prepare a reflection piece for the convening that would be used to provoke and stimulate a discussion amongst the participants. With that mandate in mind, I structured my original contribution around themes pertaining to dilemmas, tensions, observations and warnings in the context of defining and understanding social justice philanthropy in Africa. The following paper is an edited and revised version of that reflection piece.

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Alice L. Brown

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