Giving to Help, Helping to Give

Giving to Help, Helping to Give (with Amalion Publishing) deftly explores African philanthropic experiences, their varieties, challenges and opportunities. The 21 contributors to this book deftly tackle the varied modes, forms, vehicles and means in which philanthropy is expressed in multifaceted Africa.

Contributors: Tade Akin Aina • Mohammed A. Bakari • Bertha Chiroro • Kwaku Asante Darko • Marwa El Daly • Alan Fowler • Ibrahima Hathie • Jenny Hodgson • Andrew Kingman • Christa L. Kuljian • Halima Mahomed • Bhekinkosi Moyo • Robert Muponde • James Muzondidya • Connie Ngondi-Houghton • Kayode Samuel • Fondo Sikod • Mohamadou Sy • Gérard Tchouassi • Susan Wilkinson-Maposa • Saïda Yahya-Othman

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Date of publication: June 2013

Author: Tade Akin Aina & Bhekinkosi Moyo (Eds.)

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Tade Akin Aina & Bhekinkosi Moyo (Eds.)

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