A collection of 700+ reports, case studies, articles, and conference proceedings about giving and philanthropy in Africa, equitable development and democratic governance. 

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Challenges to the Growth of Capital Markets in Under Developed Economies: the Case for Uganda

Consumer Rights Protection in Kenya: Towards a Regulatory Framework

Contract Enforcement in Ugandan Business Transactions: The Case of Small and Medium Enterprises

Earthenware Manufacturers Strive for Poverty Alleviation through New Market Entry

Management Skills, Human and Social Capital and SMEs in the Tourism Sector in Mozambique

Contribution of Informal Businesses to Private Sector Development: A Case Study of the Central Region of Liberia

Value Addition in the Coffee Industry in Kenya: Lessons from the Cut Flower Sector

Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Need Attention Too!

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) among SMEs in Cameroon: Entrenching Environmental Conservation within Small Business

Urban Improvement: A Public-Private Partnership Strategy

Regulatory and Competition– Related Reforms in Kenya’s Power and Petroleum Sectors

Towards Urban Poverty Alleviation in Tanzania: A case for the Use of Housing Licences to Access Credit