A collection of 700+ reports, case studies, articles, and conference proceedings about giving and philanthropy in Africa, equitable development and democratic governance. 

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Institutional, Legal and Regulatory Reforms to Enhance Labour Export in Uganda

Implications of Access to Microcredit and Social Capital for Female Entrepreneurship in Cameroon

Comparative Business Practices and Productivity Performance between Family and Non-family Firms: Perceptions and Poverty Reduction Effects in Cameroon

Economic Participation of Businesswomen in Sudan: Progress, Problems and Prospects

Integrating SMEs in the Devolved Government System; Policy Options for Institutional and Regulatory Framework in Kenya

Agricultural Productivity, Climate Change and the Entrepreneurship of Smallholder Farmers: Case of the Central and Western Regions of Liberia

Promoting Alternative Finance for SMEs in Uganda

Women Entrepreneurship in Fresh Fruit and Vegetables (WEFFV) Project

The Impact of Microfinance Service Delivery on the Growth of SMEs in Uganda

The Effects of Investment Climate on Manufacturing Firms’ Growth in Uganda

Impact of Investment Climate Reforms on Growth and Development of SMES: Comparisons from South Africa, Nigeria and Cameroon

Rethinking the Proposed Restructuring of the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice