Prospects for Equitable Land Reform in Zimbabwe: Revisiting Sam Moyo’s Work on the Land Question

Zimbabwe’s decolonization could never be complete without addressing the land question. Sam Moyo’s work, spanning over three decades, has been a point of reference in the discussion of land policy performance, rural mobilization and trends in land reform. His work mostly focused on influencing policy, creating connections between local processes (such as land occupations), national policy and global debates. The article provides a summary of Sam Moyo’s writing on land reform policy in Zimbabwe. It highlights the complex relationships that exist between policy formulation, rural mobilization and implementation of policy. Whilst celebrating the work of an icon, the article also takes a more critical stance on outstanding issues as pertaining to the fast- track land reform process that began in 2000. The Government of Zimbabwe (GoZ) has not adequately resolved the land tenure question and currently faces the threat of elite capture.

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