Public Prosecutor v. Hissène Habré: HEARING REPORT NO. 38 OF NOVEMBER 11, 2015

Today’s hearing featured two testimonies relating to the repression of the Zaghawa people. The first
witness, called Mariam Ahmed Jamil, was married to the late Hassan Djamouss, a former comrade
in arms of President Habré, the Commander in Chief of the Chadian National Armed Forces, and
one of the pillars of the Chad – Libya war, who was later captured and executed in April 1989. The
second witness, Hadje Mahadjirie Ismaiel Chaïbo, reported the disappearance of hers father Ismaiel
Chaïbo and the execution of her husband Mahamat Abdoulaye Yacoub who had no connection with
politics nor with the military.

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