Public Prosecutor vs. Hissene HABRE: HEARING REPORT No 42 of November 18, 2015

Today’s hearing, like the hearings held in the last two days, focused on the torture and inhumane
acts inflicted on political opponents. In relation to that repression, Mr. Boukar returned to court to
resume his hearing. However, he showed the same signs of mental disorder and the Presiding Judge
decided, after consulting all the parties, to terminate his hearing. The second witness, Mr. JOSUE
Doumassen Ngardiguiro, a lieutenant at the time, described the conditions of his arrest. Mr.
LAKOUBOU had wrongly accused him of being one of the pamphlet distributors. In his story, he
explained the conditions of his detention and torture inflicted on him with the Arbatachar technique.
The third witness, Mr. Souleymane GUENGUENG, was the chairman of the first association of the
Habré regime’s victims. He was considered a political prisoner by the DDS. He then explained the
circumstances of his arrest as well as the conditions of his detention.

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