Public Prosecutor vs. Hissène Habré: HEARING REPORT NO. 49 OF DECEMBER 3, 2015

The main theme of today’s hearing was about war crimes committed under the Habré regime. These
crimes were allegedly committed in Faya, especially against prisoners of war. The only witness of
the day, Mr. Mianmbaye Djétoldia DAKOYE, was a member of the AFL (Armed Forces of Chad)
led by Kamougué, who fought with the GUNT coalition against the government of Habré on July
30, 1983. As the GUNT lost the Faya battle, Mr. DAKOYE was taken prisoner with “about 2,000”
other fighters. Transferred with his colleagues to N’Djamena on August 5, 1983, he stayed in prison
until January 13, 1989 under detention conditions he termed as “very poor and very difficult”.

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