Report of the Civil Society Forum

Over 90 civic leaders gathered in an unprecedented forum in recent times, from 3 to 4 April, 2009; to share insights related to the issues affecting Civil Society in Liberia, the governance of the sector as well as Civil Society relationships with the National Government. The forum was supported by Humanity United and TrustAfrica through the Liberia Civil Society Initiative which aim is to strengthen the capacity of leading Liberian groups and also help in enhancing the professionalism and quality of the private media sector. Panel discussions and group activities were the main features of the forum that also served as an opportunity to disseminate the Defending Civil Society principles as they result from a report recently published by the World Movement for Democracy. Former Civic Leaders who now serve in various capacities in the Government contributed to the Panel discussions and provided insights from their experience in Government. A set of recommendations which came out of the group activities and the two day- exchanges, were reflected in a final resolution.

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